Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bagels With Jerry

Tuesdays with Morrie, is a wonderful book by Mitch Albom. In essence, it is about a man who is dying from Lou Gherhig's disease, and is passing on his passion for life to his former student whom he made such a remarkable impression on. I read this life changing story years ago and decided, for numerous reasons, to read it again. Perhaps the grandest reason of all, is something my Father-In-Law asks me occasionally. We will be having a discussion, and he will interject...."What would Morrie say?"

Every week Morrie and Mitch meet on Tuesdays to share, discuss, observe, question, reflect. Their conversations are filled with humor and thought provoking messages. Their relationship is that of the Tortoise and the Hare; one speeding along, oblivious to the bumps in the road, part of the "Now Generation" -- the other just taking life as it comes, experienced, pacing himself until the finish line is in sight. They become the closest of friends, despite their differences, philosophies and AGE!

I too have a close friend. And ironically, we meet every Tuesday over bagels and coffee in which we divulge what is happening in our lives, news, and most importantly advice. Some of my greatest lessons have been learned from him. Although my senior, by 35 years, there is no one I trust more (besides my immediate family) when it comes to education, opinions and life altering decisions. I could brag about how he has been a part of my life for some of the most monumental occastions. In fact, he was my mentor for student teaching, guiding me through educational foundations and politics. He assisted me in obtaining my first job, and later helped me obtain an adjunct professorship at a college. He attended my wedding, and was there for my son's brit, and my daughter's baby naming.

He has also seen me at my lowest points where you learn who your true friends are. Morrie was a special man for infinite reasons, and in fact will mean many things to many people. His qualities are highlighted by his willingness to pass on what he had learned. And when he died people knew who he was based on his incredible relationship with Mitch. My mentor, former colleague, and ultimately best friend is still with me. I have entrusted him with some of the most intimate details of my life. I have accepted constructive criticism and taken his advice openly (usually!)

If you ever get the chance to meet Jerry you will know what I mean. He embodies kindness, candor and dedication in everything he does. And who knows, may be someday we will too write a novel........"Bagels With Jerry" sounds like a good start.


  1. Nice tribute. If you haven't already, you need to share this with him. I'm sure he'd be honored.

  2. Michael said...

    In accordance with Morey and your experience with Bagels with Jerry, you now have an obligation to pass it on.