Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Moment

Yesterday was a very busy day. My wife was working and I was handed the laundry list of things that needed to be accomplished; make the casserole for Sunday morning brunch, shop at Trader Joe's, feed the kids dinner, change the sheets....nothing major. In between the errands and simple chores were my loving children who unfortunately had the case of "Needy Naughtiness." I have coined this term and defined it as the times where my children are so needy that when they can't have their way it is followed by arguments between them and eventually me.

I began to think about this more and more. I get up each morning and go to work. I leave by 6:30am at the very latest, and show up anywhere between 4 and 5 on a good day. Many times I don't get home before 9. When I arrive home, it is a rarity to see Kristin, my wife, sitting down on the couch, remote in hand. Most evenings there is a fully cooked meal in the refrigerator and she is in the family room ironing, in the office doing bills, mending clothes, filling out paperwork, folding laundry etc. Of course the aformentioned list is after she has fed and bathed both of our children, helped Joshua with his homework, read to both kids and put them to bed.

And so there I was, getting angrier at each passing second that I had all of these things to do and my wife was working....then it dawned on me...."She does this everyday!" She is tired, as I am only I get a break! I get to have a different routine. I remember reading that if woman were actually paid for their roles as mothers and housewifes they would have six figure salaries...I am beginning to see why. I work very hard. I do this because I want my children to go to any school, drive a safe car and to live a particular lifestyle. But none of this would matter if my wife did not hold down the fort as she does.

I buy the occasional flowers for Kristin, and take her to dinner. I tell her I love her, and that her logic is what keeps our family moving in a positive direction. I tell her that she is a wonderful mother...that she is a fantastic wife and a hard worker.

Today is May 10th, 2009....Mother's Day. I bought my wife a vase of fragrant, fresh flowers and made her a compact disc of her favorite songs. Perhaps even more important is the gift of realization that occurred. Rather than shower her with gifts, I am going to shower her with action. Perhaps by doing more around the house she will be able to relax more, enjoy life, and chill... I can't think of a better gift. Happy Mother's Day Kristin! I love you.

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